Distributor problems? We're here to help!


The top distributor / agent headaches that SMEs complain to us about are:

  • limited communication and slow response to emails

  • lack of transparency regarding customer pricing and contacts

  • general under-performance

  • no direct engagement with decision-makers

  • loss of control of intellectual property (IP) and brand

  • regrets about terms of distributor Agreement

  • concerns about lack of (or apparently uncontrolled) online presence in China 

How about you?


Overseas distribution arrangements are crucial to many businesses - but they can also be a nagging worry in the minds of directors and senior managers.

In recent years, SME companies based in the UK have sought out Grandage Consulting to help them understand and resolve their problems with distributors and agents in China.  Our particular "sweet spot" is working with engineering companies with industrial customers / end-users. 

Take advantage of these services, designed to meet the needs of engineering and manufacturing SMEs:

  • 30 minutes initial no-obligation consultation (price FREE)

  • personal China business clinic at your premises or by video conference meeting.

  • Background reports on your in-China distributor

    • BASIC - confirmation of registered Chinese name, web address, registered address, directors​, registered capital, investment and director relationship diagram, and more (price £180)

    • MEDIA - media history

    • MARKETING -  social and web presence (incl. Alibaba and any other relevant 3rd party sites)​

  • Research, interventions and consulting - all either based on fixed scope or on-demand

  • New or comparison distributor search - you set the criteria, we'll discover a list of Chinese distributors to match

Read about other other services, including practical training courses and workshops.

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