Our own ethical policy

  1. We will give credit where credit is due, never passing off someone else's work as our own.

  2. We will be truthful with you, even when it may hurt our business prospects.

  3. Though we are constantly learning, and developing our knowledge and skill resources, we will take care not to risk our clients' interests by going beyond our area of expertise.

  4. We partner closely with trusted specialist business service providers, most of whom are in China, in order to serve our clients better, and meet their stated business needs.  All of these partners have been selected on the basis of their expertise, excellent track-record, and ability to deliver. Sometimes we earn referral commissions from those we partner with. In situations where this is a possibility, we will declare such interests to our client before the introduction is made.  Beyond this, we seek to anticipate and avoid conflicts of interest.

  5. We will treat any Information that you share with us as confidential, unless you give consent otherwise.

  6. We will not share your personal details with others without your consent.

  7. Though we are glad to deliver long-term service, our aim is to meet our clients' needs, not to create dependency.

All business dealings involve ethical decisions to be made, and doing business cross-culturally or internationally can make these considerations even more difficult.  Discover more about how we help western clients make ethical business decisions in China.