Designed specifically to meet the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses and other organisations, we deliver:


Distributor services
New distributor searches, background checks, initial contact, assessment, troubleshooting, strategy-tuning.
China Market Intelligence Reports 
Intelligence to order.  Tell us what you need to know, and we'll find the answers.
China-specific Strategy For Your Business
Different culture, legal situation, online environment, business ecosystem - let us help you tailor your strategy to China's realities.

Including "Chinese Worldview, Values and Culture for Business"; "The Shape of China"; "Hosting Chinese Delegations"; "Getting The Best Out Of Your China Business Trip"; "Building Partnerships for the Long-term"


Quality translation from English-Chinese or Chinese-English, with real business and technical understanding.

Marketing Your Product In China
How does China really see you and your product? Dare you find out?
Business Trip Support

International trips are a big investment of both time and money.  Whether you're traveling to China or going to a trade exhibition and hoping to connect with new Chinese customers there, we can help you think through your expectations and plans, so that you are well prepared, and so that you all get the most out the experience.  In fact you might (as some businesses have done) ask us to join your team and accompany you as part of the trip.  Afterwards,  we can debrief the experience with you (and even your Chinese partners) too. 


Delegation-Hosting Support
A visit by a Chinese delegation can be of huge strategic significance to your business.  Whether you're looking to seal a vital deal, or strengthen a growing relationship, it's essential to plan them right.  We'll help you see the visit from your Chinese guests' point of view, so that you anticipate their expectations and concerns, and make it a success.