Research and strategy


”Grandage Consulting provided an excellent service, working against exceptionally tight deadlines to assist us to achieve the project objective...I have no hesitation in recommending Grandage Consulting as an expert advisor for any business operating in China.”

Dr Chris Potts, Chairman
Güralp Systems Ltd
"I really like what you have done on Chamber International's website about China. It is not so easy to find concise and clear information illustrating the reality that western companies face when they approach China. Congrats!
Alvaro Alamillo, Head of International Partnerships
Santander Bank
“Being a world away both culturally and commercially from several of the markets where we currently operate, we approached Grandage Consulting as the initial phase in our considerations to enter the Chinese market. Matthew utilised his network both in China & the UK (including JMBlake Associates) and provided our business with a concise and diligent insight and evaluation into the Ceramic Tile Market, unravelling clearly what our options are should we decide to take the plunge!  A clear recommendation for any business looking for reassurance and support in expanding their horizons into China ”
Gary Bailey, International Sales Manager
British Ceramic Tile
“Matthew understands Chinese culture and business working practises like few other Westerners, rooted from his years living in China. His ability to read and speak Mandarin has directly helped us to locate and work with appropriate new distribution channels inside China. He commands the respect of the local staff in our Representative Office and has helped them focus on building the best relationships.”
Mark Newton, Owner and CEO
LMK Thermosafe Ltd
If you've ever wondered why your company has not managed to break into the Chinese market, or thought you'd created a good working relationship with a Chinese company only to find that you are now getting the cold shoulder, talk to Matthew Grandage.  He has an excellent way of explaining how Chinese history has influenced the way the Chinese do business in the 21st century, why respect and harmony play such as key role in a business meeting, what values are important to Chinese business people and why understanding the ideological variations between each region are key to any marketing strategy for China.  Matthew will save you a lot of head-scratching if you speak to him before jumping into the Chinese market.
Jane Blakeborough - Director of Trend Monitor;
Strategic Marketing Advisor at JMBlake Associates
Jennifer Lei, Regional Manager for China
LMK Thermosafe Ltd
Seminars / workshops


"I've worked with international visitors and delegations for over 12 years professionally, and have attended a number of intercultural etiquette and guidance workshops.  Today's stands as one of the most valuable in terms of specific guidance on interacting with Chinese nationals in my work. A very productive and valuable session.  Well worth my time"

Alice Kloker - International Development Officer,

Southampton Solent University 


"A very useful session.  I particularly enjoyed the [video] view of a Chinese official, which was a narrative way to look at the business workings of Chinese offices.  Very handy hints and tips regarding visits of Chinese officials.  Really liked the detailed strategies for sustaining links".

Jo Nesbitt - Director International Development,

Southampton Solent University 



"A stimulating and information-packed session".
Sean Redshaw, Managing Director
Integrated Engineering Solutions Ltd

"A wonderful workshop ... Although I visited China once and have been doing some business already with Chinese companies, it was a great help to consolidate and acquire new knowledge of the Chinese culture and people. I recommend this course for people or companies that are think of starting business with Chinese companies, as well as for people that have already a certain level of engagement with companies coming from this fascinating country. Now that we have the knowledge in our team I am certain we will do even better with our relationships with our Chinese partners.  Thank you!"

Inês Grenho Ajuda, Research Manager, Food Business, Compassion In World Farming


"I particularly liked that you set out the 'worldview' and 'values' first to provide context and a framework for the practical tips and suggestions later. By being better able to understand our cultural differences we are better able to host well. I also think that you ran the session very well, providing a good pace with plenty of time for us to reflect and think."
Nathan Rhys Williams, EU Food Business Manager,
Compassion  In World Farming

Aaron Cui, General Manager

PestWest China


"Excellent presentation - very useful"

Sandra Corcoran, Director

Pennine Cycles


"Great to hear about the values"

Matthew Martin, Retail Consultant

GMAP Consulting