"We want to be the most China-friendly city in Britain"

Twinning arrangements between cities in China and the UK are nothing new, but what do they mean in practice?  Often, I suspect, they start off well but gradually lose their spark.  Relationship-building between individuals benefits from a bit of spontaneity, an unexpected gesture, a bit of creativity - could the same be true of relationships between cities? 


Hearing recently that Nottingham City Council has set a target to become "the most China-friendly city in Britain", I was intrigued but a bit sceptical.  Then, on learning that they had actually hired someone to do something about it, I had to find out more.  Who's got the job? What have they achieved so far?  How can a city measure China-friendliness? 


The result was an interview with Rob Avery-Phipps, China Project Manager for Nottingham City Council.  You can listen to it here - it's less than 15 minutes long, that's about how long it takes to enjoy a cup of tea I reckon.  So why not brew one up, sit back and enjoy the interview...



Interview with Rob Avery-Phipps - Grandage Consulting
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Interview with Rob Avery-Phipps, 18th Aug 2015

Rob Avery-Phipps

The photo above suggests that Nottingham City Council is doing a good job of hosting Chinese delegations.  Want to know why?  Look here to see how they compare with Barack Obama's team.

In the interview, Rob mentions that Nottingham will host The SME China Forum 2015 on 22nd September.  Should be a great event!  Grandage Consulting will be there too, see here.