• Matthew Grandage

Major export success for historic Yorkshire textile firm in China

Brooksbank Industries now have a new, high-performing distribution partner in China, a responsive .cn website, and some strong sales under their belt - a massive breakthrough in 2020-2021, for the Skipton-based manufacturer - thanks to Michelle and Matthew's support, delivered through Chamber International and Regroup China.

Robert Brooksbank, Michelle Wang, and Alex Field - braving the wintry weather. Image by Chamber International

Brooksbank Industries sales and marketing executive, Alexander Field, says: “60 per cent of our exports go to China but we felt we could do better. We needed a new agent to expand our presence and improve our relationship with textile combing mills.

“Matthew and Michelle provided a long list of potential agents. They then completed background checks on shortlisted businesses with further help on first contact and interviewing. This led to us appointing AZ International, which we would never have found without them.

“Wool combing has been in recession for 18 months, worsened recently due to Covid-19 and, like many others, we have seen declining sales. Finding a new agent and developing a new sales strategy has allowed us to win new orders and create better relationships with our biggest customers, which are mainly near Shanghai, in the Suzhou and Zhangjiagang region.

“We aim to win new customers and provide an excellent service to existing ones to generate repeat sales and grow the business. Matthew and Michelle’s knowledge and help was invaluable. Matthew’s knowledge of Chinese business and culture was exceptional and both his and Michelle’s Mandarin skills massively benefited the entire process.”

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